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Martial Arts For Children

Children's Martial Arts ButtonParents, martial arts for children is about teaching focus, respect, self-disciplined and self-control. The kicking and punching skills are only a small part of what martial arts is at Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy. Your child will learn and develop leadership skills and improve their character development. Martial Arts classes teach physical skills like balance, coordination, agility, and mental skills of determination and perseverance.

After School Martial Arts Program

After School Martial Arts Classes in Riverview, Ruskin and Apollo BeachParents, are you looking for an after school program that is structured, safe, fun, and helps your child learn focus and respect. Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy’s “Martial Arts After School Program” is a better alternative to daycare or local host programs. Your children are picked up from the local school and will have a snack time, followed by homework time, and finish with their karate class. Fun and games until they are picked up.

Summer Camp

Martial Arts Summer Camp In Apollo Beach

A fun filled summer camp that teaches focus, self-discipline, self-control for children from 5 to 12 years of age. With karate classes, games times, field trips, in school educational visitors, and relaxation times your children will have a summer of fun.

Adult Kickboxing and Fitness Classes

Kickboxing Fitness ButtonAdult kickboxing and conditioning classes run for 10-week segments where you will gain confidence in your ability to get in better shape and loose weight from the self-paced cardio-workout. You will punch and kick against workout bags with professionally taught kickboxing techniques. The workouts are designed for sweating and fun.

Adult Martial Arts

Adult Martial ArtsYes, adults do get involved in martial arts training. Some train with their children and some on their own. Either way, martial arts is a great way to get into shape, develop better balance and coordination and relieve built up stress from the day. Developing both the physical and the mental parts of the body martial arts training is not just for the young. We have or have had adult students who’s age range from 18 to 70s.

Adult Self-Defense Classes

10-Week Self-Defense AcademyThe 10-Week Self-Defense Academy will give you the confidence and ability to defend yourself from a violent attack and survive. The Academy will teach you beginner, intermediate, and advance survival tactics. The course is designed for adults of all ages and physical condition. During the 10-Week Academy you will learn from scenario based techniques with adrenal physical conditioning.

Family Martial Arts Classes

Family Martial Arts Classes in Apollo BeachParents can train in the martial arts with their children to encourage them and get in better condition. Parents are encouraged to workout with their children which will aid in the child’s martial arts success. Having a fun activity for the entire family to enjoy and get exercise with is the right thing to do. Remember martial arts is not just for children.