Martial Arts Training Can Make a Difference In You and Your Child's Life!
Are Looking For A Place Your Child Can Learn Leadership Skills And Develop Respect For Self And Others?



Try 2 FREE martial arts evening classes. Help your child develop greater success skills with martial arts classes that teach RESPECT, FOCUS, SELF-CONFIDENCE, and LEADERSHIP.

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Everyone knows that Martial Arts training is an energizing, inspiring way to get fit, stay in shape, and learn a powerful system of self defense, but training at Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy is SO much more!

Children's Karate Program

Our children's program is for those that are 6 to 13 years old whose parents are interested in their children learning respect, focus, and concentration. This program is designed to make their children more physically fit at the same time teaching self control, patience, self confidence and yes self-defense.

After School Program

After school martial arts is fun, safe and the place to be in the afternoon for our elementary, middle, and high school students. We pick up from Collins, Coor, Doby, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Wimauma, Riddick, and Cypress Creek, Ruskin Christian Elementary, Beth Shields, Eisenhower, and East Bay.

Children 5 To 6 Karate Program

Behavior modification made fun and easy. With the use of Martial Arts Skills we teach the young ones (5 to 6) to make better choices. Between rewards for good behavior in Karate class and home challenges, changes in behavior of theses students happens faster.

Martial Arts Summer Camp For Children

Let your child have martial arts fun while learning respect, self-control, self-discipline, and self-defense. Our summer camp is filled with fun games, learning, martial arts classes, socializing times, movies, field trips and memories that last a life time. Visit the page on our summer camp and download the brochure.

Adult Workout

Personal protection, personal development, peace of mind. Earn a Black Belt in our traditional martial art of Tang Soo Do which give you conditioning, self-defense, martial arts weapons, confidence, fun, and a sense of accomplishment.

"Why is the Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy's system so much better at teaching these lessons, and developing these ESSENTIAL "Life Skills" than virtually ANY other "sport" or "activity"?

My name is Rusty Solomon, I'm the owner of Tampa Bay Martial Arts and parents just like you from all over the Tampa Bay area have been thanking me for successfully developing these very valuable, life changing skills in children and families for years.

Take Advantage of our FREE Trial Offer:

Pick up the phone and call Nancy Solomon Right NOW at 813-649-0020 or simply complete the form below to request your FREE trail offer. I am absolutely sure you will be glad you did!

Rusty Solomon
Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy

P.S. Remember my goal is to help your child (or you) succeed in life. Call or Register online today, to take advantage of this Free Trial Program, so you can quickly discover why our program is the most valuable, beneficial activity for your child and family!


Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy
6038 Hwy 41 North
Apollo Beach, FL 33572

School Brochure

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10-Week Self-Defense and Kickboxing Fitness Class:

The combination of these two classes will not only get in in the best shape of your life, but give you the ability to defend yourself and increase self-confidence.


Word Of The Month - "COOPERATION" - When everyone works together, we can get more done and a lot more done well.   When people talk about cooperation and getting along, we often hear needing to share resources, take turns, and listen to others. But cooperation is more than those things  — it is about learning to compromise, contribute to the group, show appreciation for what we have, and make people feel included and valued.