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Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy started in Apollo Beach in 1998 and has occupied its present location for the past 15 years.

The primary traditional martial art taught is called Tang Soo Do. This Korean martial arts is where Tae Kwon Do came from. Tang Soo Do is taught in the After School and Evening Programs.

The Fitness Kickboxing Program was developed from techniques that are used and taught by the Joe Lewis Fighting System (Father of American Kickboxing) and the Ultimate Body Shaping Course (UBC).

The 10-Week Self-Defense Academy is a mixture of many years of martial arts training by the instructor and has roots in COBRA Self-Defense, FAST Combatives, ICAT, Dynamic Combat Systems, and the Sento Method. The Rusty Solomon the head instructor has spent many hundreds of hours learning and developing the effective 10-Week Self-Defense Academy.
The head instructor and school owner first started martial arts training in Washington DC with the Jhoon Rhee Institute of Tae Kwon Do in 1971. After attending college in Norfolk Virginia he spent six years training at Chuck Norris Karate in Norfolk and Virginia Beach Virginia.

After many years of training in martial arts as a hobby and sport Rusty and Nancy Solomon made a career change and opened Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy in 1998.

 Posted on : June 17, 2013 - Last updated on Oct 24, 2014