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Adult Martial Arts Classes

So, You Don’t Want To Be A Cage Fighter And You Won’t Take A Class With A Bunch Of Kids.

But you still like the idea of martial arts training. I Get It. Martial arts was traditionally for adults …not so much now.

With the different programs of a 10-Week Self-Defense Academy (Adults Only), Kickboxing Fitness classes (Adults Only), and Kickboxing Sparring (Adults), and some other special training you can get all the benefits of martial arts training NOW. Adult martial arts classes are fun and a great work out. They also relieve stress and increase mental focus.

10 Top Reasons Adults Should Study Martial Arts

1. Physical Strength: Martial Arts practice develops strength in your whole body and uses the movements of the body itself to develop strength.
2. Balance: The fluid movements and use of both sides and all parts of your body help develop an evenly developed physical presence.
3. Mind, Body, Spirit: Martial Arts teaches mental focus, confidence, calmness and clarity, all while developing the physical body.
4. Gender Equality: Women and men of any age and physical ability can benefit from Martial Arts and become equally skilled.
5. Lifelong Learning: There is always something new to learn – a new style, a deeper philosophy, a new move or improving what you already know.
6. Breathing: We spend most of our day forgetting to breathe or breathing unconsciously. The benefits of conscious and active breathing, as taught by Martial Arts, extend into all areas of your life.
7. Structure: Martial Arts offers progress towards goals, structure and a disciplined approach to being the best you can be. This can be useful in all areas of your life.
8. Self-defense: Hopefully you will never need to defend yourself against an attacker, but having the ability to defend yourself may be the most important skill you ever learn.
9. Humility: No matter how skilled you are, there is always someone who is just a bit better. In Martial Arts this is a source of both humility and inspiration – a winning combination in many areas of life.
10. Fun: Last, but certainly not least, Martial Arts is fun. You get to meet many types of people and form a community that is excited about bettering themselves.

 Posted on : October 18, 2013 - Last updated on Jul 13, 2016