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10-Weeks Self-Defense Classes

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Ken Wooten


“I would recommend the course for everyone. It is really a great course in that it does not just teach techniques you also go through scenarios where you get to the techniques to a test in a real world situation and it really shows you what it is like to be in some of these situations. I would recommend it to anyone.”     Ken Wooten


Self-Defense Student


“I loved the self-defense scenarios, everything was very well taught. I have gained a great more confidence in myself and the ability to defend myself. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone.”     Tiffany Forrest

Weeby Mom


“Over the 10 week course I saw my confidence evolve to now if I am in a dangerous situation I now have the ability to defend myself. This is all because of this class.” Jessica Banco


Lydia Torres No Bgrd“I can’t recommend it enough. When I first started I was a bit skeptical whether or not I was going to be able to do some of the scenarios and weapons defenses. It was a little scary. But when I got into it I really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it for women of all ages. It helps you feel empowered. It also helps you take care of yourself in whatever situation you might be confronted with.”    Lydia Torres


Phil Willman“What I liked most about the course were the learning tool that assisted me in an uncomfortable situation. I gain confidence in myself that was mush needed. I feel this program is for every one no matter how old, male of female, in good
shape or not the best of shape.” Phil Willman


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 Posted on : October 18, 2013 - Last updated on May 6, 2015