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Adult Kickboxing and Conditioning Classes.

You don’t have to have a perfect body, just a perfect workout.

Kickboxing fitness classes are great way of having fun and getting into better shape and lose weight doing it! With our kickboxing fitness classes we combine fitness kickboxing, resistance training, body weight exercise and flexibility training to help you shape up, lose weight and gain confidence.

• 10-Week Kickboxing and Fitness Program to give you time to see your own improvements.
• Coaching to improve technique, body posture, prevent injury and burn more calories.
• Gain better conditioning at a pace you can do. You are only in competition with yourself.
• Train in a Fun and Professional atmosphere. Learn real kickboxing methods as if you were training for a fight.
• This program does cross conditioning development with the use of lights weight and resistance bands.
• The classes motivate you to come back to meet your goals. Make friends with people with common fitness goals.

 Posted on : October 18, 2013 - Last updated on Mar 23, 2016