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Are you looking for a structured Martial Arts After School program that teaches all the benefits of martial arts such as respect, focus, manners, self-discipline, self-confidence and self-control then call now. The kicking and punching, and the other martial arts activities that is taught gives your child the exercise they need during the day. Your child will gain physically in balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and agility. But most importantly, your child will learn goal setting (belt ranking), confidence from their own effort, and personal responsibility. Our martial arts after school program is designed to help develop your child’s leadership skills and provide opportunities for greater character development. We offer structured martial arts classes that are age appropriate. The Martial Arts After School Program starts with your child being picked up at their school and brought to our location. Then they get their karate uniform on and have a snack time followed by home work time. The hour Martial Arts classes follow homework time and when finished your kid get change back to school clothes and have a fun time socializing, playing games, or just relaxing with other children until they are picked up.

Our classes are:
• Safe
• Structured
• Taught by caring qualified instructors
• Fun and exciting
• Educational


“Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy Is A Leadership Training Academy”

 Posted on : October 18, 2013 - Last updated on Jul 18, 2016