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 More Than Just Martial Arts Summer Camp

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“Parent, Do You Want A Summer Camp Filled With Fun And Education For Your Child?”


All parent want the best for there kids and this includes Summer Camp. All parent what their kid to be active in the summer, learn new thing if possible, of course have fun, and make new friends. Tampa Bay Martial arts Academy’s Summer Camp is filled with all types of events. Yes we have Martial Arts Classes that teach martial arts movements, but also, respect, focus and self-discipline. Rest of the time we offer field trip to local activities like movies, bowling, swimming, museums, parks and other fun and educational events. We have quests come in to our facility and give informative talks about the environment, safety concerns for children, service dogs work, face painting, balloon shapes and other fun visitors. The kids will have active game times and times to sit and have fun with new friends. Our program is structured, organized, safe, fun for children, and we are tough on “name calling” and physical or verbal abuse of any kind.



“Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy Is A Leadership Training Academy”

 Posted on : July 1, 2013 - Last updated on Mar 23, 2016