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“I like what karate has done for my daughter’s confidence. I really like the reinforcement of values that we are trying to instill at home (respect, confidence, focus, positive thinking etc.). I like the fact that the instructors seem to take genuine interest in the children they instruct”.      Mr. S. Sanford


“The instruction of self-discipline, manners and self-defense is what I like most. All the instructors are very helpful with all facets of instruction.”    Mr. J McQuire


“I really enjoy the care and individual attention they provide to my son! He loves it and can’t wait to come. He practices at and talks about it home at home. I like the discipline and self confidence. My son feels like he grows and learns something new every time he comes to class”.       Mrs. A Brandenburg


“Very pleasant environment. Friendly and patient instructors who take the time to explain and work individually with the kid when they need it.”       Mr. T Decker


“I got my son involved with Karate at Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy to help him with his self-confidence. Team sports did not seem to work for him. Karate does work for him because of the goals of each belt rank in which there is always something to achieve. I have seen great changes in his self-discipline and he has developed a great attitude about his training. I have seen much improvement in his self-confidence and his leadership skills since he started four years ago.  I also got involved in Karate to help my son but I never thought it would be so much fun and challenging. I am also reaping the same benefits that are good for my son”.           Chad Burns


“In early 2000, I was looking for a place to enroll my then six-year-old daughter in Karate. You see, I felt afraid when she was away. I felt that if more children had training there would be more children returning home. Too many of our kids are taken, never to be heard from again. So, I took the time to visit several different Karate Schools. After coming to this one three times, I decided this was it. Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy provides a family environment with caring people that take time with students and other. They really care. My wife enrolled later after our daughter started and after a while I also joined. It was great. Everything I wanted and more. My daughter became a third degree black belt, my wife earned a first degree black belt, and I achieved second degree black and working towards a third. It is a great way of life. Thirteen years later, we are still at it. Oh, by the way, my wife and I are now in our 70’s and enjoying life.”               Vern Voss


“I absolutely love Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy. The staff treats every child with the love and respect that they with their own child. I feel that my children are completely safe, they are learning something new every day and they motivate the children to stay in shape and have respect not only for adults and teachers, but their peers as well.”   Rachel Harris ……. mother of 4


“The old adage “You Get What You Pay For” does not apply here. The values that are instilled in my children are priceless. Even with all of that the cost is less than many others. My older son was very introverted and did not make friends easily. Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy has really got him out of his shell by giving him the confidence to do so. My younger son had a difficult time staying focused on a task. Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy has given him the discipline to gain that focus”.    Jon Crumb


“Love it! I think Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy has a great program for my child and it is run well with respect to all. I appreciate the interaction I have a parent with the owners, but mostly I appreciate what martial arts has done for my child and how he is responding. I have gained a child who is respectful and considerate and my son has gained this same experience along with a comradery with his peers”.    Amy Silva


“I love the leadership skills that are taught, manners, etc. I am delighted to have a program that instills the same things as we do at home. Along with the physical fitness benefit my son now has the ability to try anything and now he uses his manners most all the time”.    Nicole Smith


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 Posted on : April 8, 2013 - Last updated on Jan 21, 2015